Young Voices Matter

Connected Creatives empowers young people to self-publish their creative writing (short stories, graphic novels, poems, journals) and share their work with their teachers, family & peers. It helps pupils to find their creative voice and improves literacy.

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  • Registration screen Connected Creatives with a box for the name of the school and a search button
  • Connected Creatives pupil’s screen with a 500 word story competition banner and stories uploaded by the pupil
  • Connected Creatives starting screen encouraging a school student to write a creative story
  • Creative story written by a school student with feedback from teacher

How it Works

  1. As a teacher, register your school in under 5 minutes. Simply search for your school, enter your name and email address.

  2. Receive a link for pupils and forward it to your class. Pupils follow the link to log in and activate their accounts.

  3. Pupils draft and publish pieces of creative writing – stories, poems, journals or graphic novels. It could be a class exercise, an extracurricular activity or a competition entry. Click here to see a preview.

  4. Teachers review stories and moderate extended comments. Both teachers and peers can browse published stories and provide interactive feedback in a safe environment, which encourages pupils to carry on creating.


Why Connected Creatives?

“Reading and writing for pleasure increases literacy rates”

– National Literacy Trust


Blue circle diagram

92% of teachers we have interviewed agreed creative expression improved pupils’ enthusiasm in literacy


Orange circle diagram

96% of teachers agreed the platform engaged pupils in the classroom, creating a fun, vibrant learning experience

How can Connected Creatives Help?

Bulb representing school pupils’ creative ideas
The Power of

Connected Creatives taps into the imagination of young people. It is a brilliant platform for creating and sharing content created by pupils.

Bullseye and an arrow representing a purpose of school pupils’ creative writing
Creating for
a Purpose

Self-publishing provides the opportunity to create content for a real audience and purpose – developing pride, confidence and motivation.

Planet Earth representing a community of young creative people all over the world
A Community of
Young Creatives

Connected Creatives provides a blank canvas for creative expression, a shared library of original content created by young people for young people, and key statistics for teachers.

Three school students looking at a laptop screen
and Fun

The platform can be used during weekly sessions, setting homework tasks, in creative writing clubs or after-school activities.

What are Teachers + Pupils saying?

Avatar of an Acting Director of English

We are launching an extra-curricular creative writing club so this platform would be a really useful tool and contact base for the students interested in developing their writing!

Acting Director of English

- Stockport School

Avatar of a male dark-haired English teacher

Connected Creatives is a great way of engaging pupils and allowing them to express themselves in a safe space. The feedback feature is a big part of it! Our pupils support each other, whilst we as teachers can moderate it preventing any cyber-bullying.


- Levensulme High School

This is such a fun way of doing creative writing as I can share my work with who I want to see it and feedback is very helpful.


- Alder Community High School

Avatar or a creative school pupil

The comments we can give to friends is a really good way of supporting and encouraging each other and making sure everything is always constructive!


- Levensulme High School

Avatar of a creative school pupil wearing a hijab

Competition 2022/23

Competition Winners – Ada Lovelace Church of England High School

Photos by Julie Kim


Start using Connected Creatives

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What is the Connected Creatives: Young Voices Matter platform?

Connected Creatives is an EdTech solution, developing an online, cross-media, safe self-publishing platform, which enables young people to share their creative writing and outputs with their teachers, family members, peer groups and the wider Connected Creatives online community.

The platform provides a safe ‘home’ for expression of all kinds for young people – where reading & writing is encouraged by stealth with the intention of improving literacy & motivation to create (inside and outside of the classroom).

How does Connected Creatives work?

Simply register your school and get links to teacher’s and pupils’ login. Once the logins are activated, ask your pupils to submit a short piece of writing or a graphic novel (fiction or nonfiction – in any genre) to you via the platform. Pupils can write on a subject or topic of their interest and have the opportunity to add a front cover to complement their work.

As a teacher, you will be notified once your pupils have submitted their work, you will then be able to review, provide feedback and publish their work.

Is it difficult to implement Connected Creatives?

Connected Creatives is a simple, easy to use platform that takes little to no time to implement. Simply register your school and get access to teacher’s and pupils’ dashboards via email. Register your school

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Connected Creatives is brought to you by founders who believe in providing a voice and safe space to young people, for creative expression.

How does Connected Creatives work for the teachers?

Both teachers and peers can browse published stories and provide interactive feedback in a safe environment, which encourages pupils to carry on creating.

In the near future, Connected Creatives will be to helping teachers gather real-time information on pupils’ reading and writing habits.

How to take part in Connected Creatives competitions?

At Connected Creatives, we will be launching competitions throughout the year.

When a national or in-app competition opens for entries, teachers and pupils will see this information in the top right corner of their dashboard. You will be able to read the description and key information about the competition. Pupils can click the ‘Enter competition’ button, create a piece of writing or a graphic novel, and submit their work. After that, pupils via the platform voting system select the winners of the competition.

Who are the founders?

Dr. Yasmin Hussain (EdD) is an experienced and qualified educationalist. Yasmin is working with international literacy experts, the National Literacy Trust and with colleagues from across the education sector to develop, design and implement Connected Creatives in schools throughout the UK.

Why did we launch Connected Creatives?

We believe creative expression is not for the privileged few. Digital technologies give rise to new forms of expressive freedoms and that the content of young people, by young people, for young people should not be lost to global inequalities in literacy.

What is our Vision and Mission for Connected Creatives: Young Voices Matter?

Our Vision: To inspire, empower and encourage the future generation of young people, to become fulfilled, proud, expressive and healthy adults through the medium of artistic and literary expression in a safe collaborative space.

Our Mission: We aim to cultivate a platform that will shift the balance of content production and consumption, empowering young people to create and share their creative outputs safely, irrespective of geographic, demographic and socio-economic differences.

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